Online Reputation Management for Managing Director

It is said that reputation takes years to make but few moments to break. A person toils day in and out to get his name known, but the name gets the bad name once the reputation goes for a toss. Only the fittest and smartest survives the competition of the cruel world. It is important to keep check on the blot on one’s reputation.

Same is what happened to the young promising man from the one of the great property giants who was about to be promoted as the MD of the company came to road after hisreputation degraded. He was in the meeting with one female in the five star hotels, she charged him with the false charge of sexual assault, because of which he suffered great loss.

His professional profile diluted because of this fake allegation .though he won the case and the girl was proven fake and so was her allegation. Internet was quick to spread the negative links about his case, certain keywords on Google increased threat to his reputation. With feminism 2.0 making noise over the World Wide Web, it was even worse for a man to come out clean of the negative shell. Along with this personal turmoil too increases the gravity of the jeopardy he was in. here instead of losing to old ways of law suits he immediately contacted online reputation management firm.

His immediate sentence was ‘improve my online reputation’; ‘get me through’ was the phrase he repeated. He was correct as when you did nothing you ought to get away from thefake allegation and protect yourself from cyber suit. Here we were there to remove negative links from the Google and evolve through threats against his reputation .we reviewed the net and did away with the negative links on the Google .for this person we removed every possible negative link from the Google. This is the primary role of the online reputationmanagement company is to do away with the reputation risk of the client. Removing thenegative links is a job that once done well benefits the client in the long run, by creating the zero gravity for the negative attention online, the damaging keywords do not get desired link that poses threat to the online reputation of the client. Therefore negative link is a mandatory step to clean the reputation of the client whose reputation seems vulnerable and volatile at the time of the crises. we take the responsibility to create client friendly atmosphere on the internet for regaining the reputation, once we are done with removing negative links ,space to upload positive reviews become easy .so do not worry just click and set yourself free from reputation stigma. We are here to serve you better.

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